Thursday, April 5, 2012

Houston, we have lift-off

January 28, 2012
Our first night as a true fulltiming family was spent at Colorado Lake Thousand Trails in Columbus, TX. Its about an hour outside of Houston. We were excited to be able to use our Thousand Trails membership. It was a great camping resort with many activities for us to do. We love to play mini golf.

Beckey's Cafe Pie
 After a few rounds of mini golf we headed off to check out the little town of Columbus, TX. On the campgrounds map there was a little ad for a cafe called Beckey's that claimed to have good pie. Being the pie lovers that we are, we headed there first. The ad was right! Beckey's has great pie! We tried the millionaire, pink lemonaide and the chocolate cream. Delish!!  Our bellies were filled and sweet tooth sweetened, so then it was time to check out a bit more of this cute little town. We stopped at Kay Klauber Candies and each got another little sweet treat. This little candy shop makes all their chocolatie goodies right there and had many options to choose from. We each came out with our favorites and devoured them just outside. :)

 This neat little log cabin was just across the street from Beckey's.
While walking around we came to a great bead and metal art shop. The girls and I decided to start "traveling bracelets". We bought our bracelets and first beads there. So many to choose from, but we finally narrowed it down. Pictures to come.

So we loved Beckey's Cafe pie so much that we decided to go back the next day for lunch and the again for breakfast. It was equally delicious.

We enjoyed our time at Colorado River until Feb. 3rd. We then headed to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory and took the wonderful tour. We learned quite a bit about the ice cream making process and were rewarded at the end  with a free scoop of ice cream. Yum!

 After devouring our yummy reward we headed out to Livingston, TX and became official fulltimers! We signed up with the mail forwarding service Escapees! I was so excited! We had done it! We were on the road and now had a way to get our mail. Our next big destination was New Orleans, LA!!

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